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About dental insurance plans

The health of our teeth is extremely important and after all it is part of our general health, so we cannot talk about health insurance without having a look over dental plans. We are sure that every one of you knows how expensive dental interventions are and that paying them all out of your pocket would be horrible.

We are pleased to inform you that there are several dental plans, but you have to be aware that some of them cannot be considered insurance policies. The most interesting dental plan is called a HMO and provides comprehensive coverage for all your dental interventions. However, note that the whole coverage only applies if you use a doctor from the defined network.

If you don't agree with the above presented solution, you can go for dental PPO which allows you as a patient to visit certain doctors included in the network that are going to offer you dental services with a significant discount. This is of course cheaper compared to HMO, but it only represents a good solution if you don't need regular treatment.

There are also other types of dental plans, some that even allow you to choose whatever doctor you want and he will be paid for every service he performs. However, you can easily imagine that this plan is extremely expensive and not too many persons decide to go for it. It is up to you which plan to choose, but we strongly advise you to keep in mind your needs when making the choice.

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