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Car Insurance for Single Moms

When it comes to being a single parent, there are many challenges men and women can go through. For many, finances are stretched a little thinner, and there always seems to be more to do. To help save money to help raise your child or children, saving on car insurance can add up and help provide more comfort. Unfortunately, statistics show that people who are married are less likely on average to get into automobile accidents. Because of this, married people tend to pay low rates on their car insurance policies. While there are no discounts for car insurance for single moms and single parents in general, there are plenty of things that can help you pay the smallest amount possible for your car insurance policy.

How to Choose the Right Coverage that Will Meet All Your Needs to the Full Extent?

One of the best ways to make sure you are not paying too much for a single parent car insurance is by getting the right amount of coverage to suit your needs. Getting too much coverage means that you are paying higher premiums for things that you do not need. Getting too little coverage means you will potentially be spending a lot more out of pocket if a car accident occurs and is your fault. Finding the proper balance is often best done by speaking to professionals and doing adequate research. Coverages that you will want to consider getting include liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance. Being a single parent, having roadside assistance on your car insurance for single moms can also provide a lot of conveniences if your keys get locked in your car, your battery dies, or you get a flat tire. There may be certain types of coverage for single mothers that you are paying for but do not need to, and this can help save you money as well.

Single Mother Car Insurance and All the Possible Effects Your New Marital Status Will Have on Your Premiums

People that are married tend to pay less on average on their car insurance premiums, and it is because this group is statistically less likely to get into a car crash than single parents.

Decreasing your auto insurance premium can be done in a number of ways. First off, reducing the amount of coverage you have and changing the types of coverage you have can help you save on your monthly premium. Make sure to keep the amount of coverage that you need to cover your expenses if an accident occurs.

Some people also choose to raise their deductible in order to save money on their monthly automobile insurance premium. Whichever deductible you select should be affordable; since if you cannot pay it if an accident occurs, it will delay getting your vehicle repaired which can have a significant impact on your and your children’s lives.

Discounts are another great way to save money on your automobile insurance policy. If you are part of certain interest groups, unions, or other groups, you can save money through group discounts. In addition, money can be saved by bundling automobile insurance policies with other medical insurance plans. By pairing your car insurance policy with home insurance, business insurance, and many other types, you can save a lot of money on your premiums.

Good driver discounts, mileage discounts, and safety features discounts can also help people save money on their car insurance policies. Look for the discounts that you can qualify for, and remember that each car insurance company may different discounts.

For parents whose children are old enough to drive, money can be saved by adding them to your policy as opposed to giving them their own. Another way that younger drivers can get lower rates on car insurance is by getting good enough grades for a good student discount. They can also take additional drivers education courses using their grants, approved by their car insurance provider, to pay lower rates.

Of course, since different automobile insurance companies use different sets of variables to determine rates, shopping around can be a fantastic way to keep more cash in your pocket. Getting quotes from different automobile health and life insurance companies can help you find the best rates. This site is the perfect place to get free quotes, quickly and efficiently, so that you can make an educated decision and choose the best single mother car insurance or other type of insurance to fit your specific needs.

Lastly, car insurance companies give significant discounts to people who pay for an entire six months of car insurance for single moms in advance. This can help you save money on your cheap policy, and also has value when it comes to building and improving credit scores over time.


While there are no specific reasons to insure your kids on your car insurance policy other than just saving money, there are many considerations when deciding which type of plan you want to get and the amount of coverage on the policy.

Young drivers will often pay a lot less in automobile insurance when on an older driver's policy. As parents, putting a child on your policy can help save hundreds of dollars on premiums. You will want to make sure that your children have enough coverage to cover expenses that they get into an accident when it is deemed to be their fault. In UK, teens are statistically more likely to get into accidents as their middle age counterparts, so having great protection is essential. This will help to have things under control.


Automobile insurance after divorce or separation will likely go through changes, particularly if your former partner was on the same policy that you were. Depending on which vehicles go to whom, there can be a lot of changes that happen. You will want to remove your former partner from your plan and have them remove you from theirs.

Also, if your financial situation is changing because of the divorce, you may need to consider changing your limits, deductibles, and types of car insurance to keep it more affordable. If you can afford more coverage and want a higher limit that is another common change that can come after a divorce or separation occurs. If the number of miles you are driving changes, you will want to take a look at your policy again and potentially change your coverage a little bit. Remember, if you are shopping around to find more affordable automobile insurance coverage, the cheapest coverage available might not provide all of the things that you need or want. Compare car insurance policies side-by-side. This can help you determine the differences between each plan you look at.

Drivers may lose some of their discounts or pick up new discounts when a divorce or separation happens. You will want to look at your policies to see how these changes have affected the pricing. Due to driving records having a significant impact on rates when a good or bad driver is removed, it is highly likely that you will see changes in the amount you pay on premiums.

Moving from one place to another can also affect your car insurance policies, which is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a new place to live after a divorce or separation.

If you and your former partner have children of driving age, you will want to consider whose policy they will be added to if you want to save money the most money. They can also get their own coverage, which will generally cost a bit more. Most often, the parent that garages the vehicles is the one that should add children of driving age and their cars to their policy.

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