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Can life insurance rates be affected by my occupation?

Insurance companies will calculate your policy rates based on life expectancy. If the insurer considers you are less likely to live, he will increase your premium rates. A risky occupation will be immediately associated with a lower life expectancy. The underwriter will be evaluating your risk as a potential policy holder.

If your job implies nuclear reactors or dealing with hazardous materials, it's very likely that you will either be offered incredibly expensive rates or be qualified as "impaired risk" and your application will be denied. Customers who are "impaired risks" usually have an occupation, hobby or health condition that makes finding life insurance almost impossible.

While smoke jumpers usually fall in the "uninsurable" category, firefighters should be able to get insurance more easily. There are various precautions you can take to reduce monthly premiums. It's also very important that you get fully licensed and certified before applying. The premiums will rise for people who participate in hazardous activities on a regular basis but trying an extreme activity just once will not affect your policy. The way insurers penalize hazardous activities varies from company to company.

Make sure you learn as much as you can about risky occupations. Find an agent who can shop around and find life insurance quotes for people who practice risky activities.

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