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Cancer Insurance

The risk of developing cancer is very high today in the United States. The costs associated with cancer treatment represent a significant financial burden for a large number of patients. Cancer can strike at any age and the expenses are both medical and non-medical. Non medical expenses include: child care, lodging, transportation and loss of income. Medical expenses include: treatment costs, surgery, medications, hospital and physician charges. While health insurance typically covers the medical expenses only, cancer insurance benefits can be used for all extra costs associated with your treatment.

Cancer insurance was designed to complement your health insurance and not to replace it.You should consider this type of insurance only if it makes sense to you. Another alternative would be to buy disability insurance that will also replace income in case if you are out of work because of illness.

Cancer insurance is only available to people who haven't been diagnosed with cancer at the time they've applied for the policy. If you've decided to buy cancer insurance, make sure you take the time to shop around and seek objective advice and information from reliable sources. Contact different agents and companies and compare the policies before you buy.

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