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How can I have my policy application turned down when I'm in perfect health? Many people have discovered that the life insurance company has declined their application for no obvious reason.

When assessing your application, the underwriters at the insurance company are required to take into account the results of your medical exam, your family medical history and your health status. Underwriters are not willing to take the risk of approving your application if they find anything worrisome that isn't fully explained.

Just because you have received a surprise declination, doesn't mean you fall in the uninsurable category. Applications are usually turned down based on health-related circumstances. However there are many other different factors that may have contributed to the refusal of your application. Involvement in dangerous sports and hazardous activities can lead to a denial. Sometimes, it means nothing more than you have picked a wrong insurance company.

Make sure you find a good broker that can help you find insurance for applicants with red flags. These financial advisors are called "impaired-risk specialists" and they can tell you which companies are likely to approve your application according to your "insurability" problem. A good broker will work to ensure you get the best cover available.

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