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If you want to keep your smile healthy for a long time, you may want to consider getting dental insurance. Dental care can be very expensive and paying for every intervention can quickly drain one's savings. With a good dental plan you can easily save on braces, fillings, checkups, cleanings and other procedures. Most companies offer health insurance benefits to their employees but not many of them provide dental insurance as a benefit. Getting dental insurance through your employer is cheaper, even if you'll need to pay your premiums yourself.

Most employer dental plans provide a maximum annually benefit of $ 1000 to $ 1350, root canals, basic restorative, repair of dentures, periodontal cleanings and maintenance and preventive care. Basic dental plans offer preventive care such as: examinations, x-rays and cleanings and minor work including extractions and cavity filling. Full or complete insurance is more expensive but it covers major work such as dental implant, root canals and bridges.

In case you can't get insurance from your employer, you can look into individual dental plans. A quick search on the internet will reveal a list of options in your area including names of participating dentists, costs and plan benefits. There are various associations such as religious groups, fraternal organizations, college alumni associations, local business groups etc that can provide dental insurance plans. The health of our teeth is extremely important. Get free insurance quotes, compare plans and apply today!

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