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How to keep your health insurance rate at a low level

We bet that you already know that in the United States having a health insurance plan is essential, but we are all aware that getting yourself insured can be pretty expensive. You might say that no price is too high for your safety and we agree to this, but given the current economic situation, people are looking to cut down the costs on everything, including health insurance plans.

So how can you reduce the insurance premium for your health plan? Obviously the right answer would be to stay healthy. If you don't have a history of illnesses and if your general condition is good, you will definitely have to pay a smaller insurance rate compared to a person that is overweight, has blood pressure problems or high cholesterol.

Like with almost any other insurance policy, raising your deductible works great when it comes to health insurance plans. We strongly recommend you to carefully do this, but make sure you maintain a balance between risks and costs. Don't raise it to the maximum level even if the cut in the insurance premium may sound tempting.

Another way of saving on your health insurance premium would be to reduce the risk you pose in the eyes of the insurance companies. How can you do this? Simple, give up dangerous hobbies and activities like scuba diving and car racing. And how about you give up smoking? Trust us, this will not only cut the insurance premium, but it will also make you feel healthier.

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