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Life insurance for people with bipolar disorder

Bipolar affective disorder is a nervous disorder that affects over 5 million people annually in the United States. If you have this condition you may want to know that it has now become possible for people with bipolar disorder to get life insurance. Each life insurance provider has their own standards for which condition they will charge higher rates or consider the customer uninsurable. While some companies will postpone your application, others will provide you with normal rates or simply won't ask you any question regarding depression or bipolar disorder.

Some bipolar persons tend to have problems with divorce, job loss, school truancy etc. Companies are usually looking to see if the bipolar is under control so they will want to examine your occupational and social function and your history of hospitalization. If you manage to keep this condition under control with medication your chances to obtain life insurance are quite high.

Even if some group policies will decline your application you should not despair. Make sure you find a qualified broker to help you get your coverage at an affordable rate. Finding an insurer for people with bipolar is a matter of comparing quotes, health questions and policies. Feel free to go online, compare life insurance policies and choose the company that offers you the best rates.

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