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Life Insurance Lies

The amount of money you will pay for your life insurance depends to a high extent on how you answer to a number of application question. Being honest and upfront on your application is very important.

If you lie about your state health the insurer may have your life insurance policies canceled or voided. This seems to be a common issue in US, where many policy customers tend to provide incorrect information about their lifestyle and health when applying for insurance.

In order to obtain lower rates, many applicants would lie about their weight, the amount they drink or smoke or any existing health conditions. Insurance companies usually charge nicotine users twice as much as non-smokers. Applicants may also try to mask their drug use habit. Lying about depression or anxiety is also quite common. However, your medical records will reveal such medical diagnosis. A history of cancer will affect your life insurance rates which is why many people try to hide this information.

Don't forget that urine and blood tests will be administered and the policy provider will review your medical records. Lying on your application may be considered fraud. Even if the insurer is not initially caught, the company will later on perform an investigation and these lies will be grounds to cancel the policy. It really is not worth lying to save money on your life insurance rates.

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