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Created several years ago by a passionate staff that wanted to offer a new and revolutionary online tool for finding the best insurance rates, GeneralInsurance.com has managed to establish a top position in this domain, providing a quality service for the millions of people that want to save time and save money when shopping for an insurance policy.

Behind GeneralInsurance.com you will find a professional staff that has been permanently concerned of improving the services our site has to offer in order to help you obtain the best possible insurance quotes. We couldn't have succeeded without the confidence offered to us by all our clients, especially the loyal ones and we must thank you for all the support you have been showing throughout the years.

However, all the persons behind GeneralInsurance.com can assure you that our efforts of maintaining the service at the highest possible quality levels will not stop here and we will continue to evolve and always stay one step ahead of the demands of our clients and also one step ahead our competition.

GeneralInsurance.com has helped thousands of persons save money and time when looking for an insurance policy and it will certainly continue to do so in the future because we have a long term strategy that is based on quality services and client satisfaction. We would like to thank the ones that have supported us all these years and promise that we will continue to be here for the ones that need the best free insurance quotes.