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Can I Drive Alone With A Permit?

It’s an exciting time once you get your driver’s permit. You are just a few steps away from actually getting your license. What does it actually mean you can do when you get your permit? Can you drive alone with a permit? How free are you in the realm of motor vehicles? These are some of the questions that you’ll want to ask as you head down the road of driving free.

Other things to start looking into are going to be what accredited driver’s ed schools have the best reputations for having their graduates pass their tests. What kind of cars are going to be easiest for you to control on the road as a new driver. The important aspects of driving, which will provide the safest experience for you and your passengers, will be in your courses and training manuals. Read on for the other important rules around your driver’s permit.

What You Cannot Do With A Driver’s Permit

An important thing to remember is that your driver’s permit is not the same thing as having a driver’s license. Yes, you are almost at the level of driving freedom everyone hopes to achieve, but it’s still not going to be legal for you to drive alone in most states. Just because you’ve taken the necessary hands-on driving courses and written tests, doesn’t mean that the law is ok with you driving yourself anywhere you choose. Check out your local DMV website to see what the restrictions around permit driving are, before heading out on the road.

Remember that just because you’ve had training, doesn’t mean your certified to legally drive alone until your state mandates it so. Everyone is very excited to finally be in the driver’s seat, just make sure you’ve covered all the legal bases needed so that your new found freedom of driving remains free.

Driving With A Driver’s Permit

When you’ve achieved your driving permit it’s good to know what your state considers legal. Across the board you’re able to drive with your permit if you have a parent, legal guardian, driver’s education instructor, or a licensed driver of at least 21 years old, present in the car with you. This means that the person in the car is still responsible for you, or at least can be considered so by law.

There are some states that allow for you to drive by yourself with just a driver’s permit, but there will be restrictions around where you can go to and from. It’s best to check out your states parameters around whether you need an adult with you. The DMV website for you locale will provide the necessary information around restrictions for driver’s permits, so be sure to look it up before making any assumptions. No one wants to have their license taken away before they even get it.

From Driver’s Permit To Driver’s License

Every rule and regulation around how you get your driver’s permit, and then move on to get your driver’s license, will vary depending on what state you live in. There are some important steps to achieving both your permit, and your license, that you need to make sure you follow, to get both in the quickest way possible.

Most states will make you take a driver’s ed course for your permit, which will have a certified professional instruct you in driving. Some of the laws around driving will differ from state to state, so when traveling it’s good to look up the surrounding laws of the places you’ll be traveling to, and through. Once you have your permit, and you reach the legal age to obtain a driver’s license, you’ll have to take another written test, and driving test, provide documents that prove your age, identity, and address, and fill out the application for your license. Next up…you have a license!

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