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Car Insurance For International Students

Just like US residents and citizens, international students are required to buy automobile insurance in order to drive legally in the United States. Automobile insurance protects drivers in case of an accident, and can also help them avoid fines and other penalties if pulled over by the police or in a crash. In the United States, purchasing car insurance is a critical part of the driving process.

There are many places to get car insurance in the United States, with the majority of people starting their search on the internet. This site provides fantastic tools to help foreign nationals get great rates on car insurance plans. With so many options available, a basic understanding of what you will need for insurance is extremely helpful.

What Coverage Do You Need?

There are a number of different types of current insurance policies in the US. Also, some add-ons are available which are not always necessary depending on your situation. The first step to figuring out what kind of coverage you need is to research your state's laws for car insurance coverage. Each state has different rules, and their Department of Motor Vehicles is a fantastic place to start to find out what the minimum requirement is.

All states require liability insurance, which helps cover the expenses that the other driver and passengers incur if you are found at-fault in an auto accident. Not having this insurance can mean paying large amounts of money for these bills. Also, there are other repercussions to driving without liability insurance.

In addition to liability insurance, comprehensive and collision coverage is offered. Comprehensive and collision coverage help cover the costs of damage to your vehicle if an accident or other covered situation occurs. There is also insurance to help pay for your medical expenses, and the medical costs of others, if you are found at-fault in a crash. Lastly, some perks can be added on to your policy, including roadside assistance and rental car coverage.

Where To Find Insurance For International Students

This site provides many tools to help international students find the best car insurance policy to fit their needs. With many auto insurance companies offering free quotes, which you can also get here, finding insurance for international students can be relatively simple. Some people do find that it is easier to get an auto insurance policy when talking to an insurance agent directly. The fantastic agents found here can make sure that you have the right documentation for driving legally and obtaining auto insurance, and they can also walk you through the process.

What Documentation Should You Bring From Your Home Country?

Having a valid driver’s license from your home country is a great idea. It is likely not possible for you to do renewals of your foreign driver’s license while in the United States, so you will want to update your driver's license before you arrive in the country.

You may need to go through the process of getting an international driving permit, done in your home country, or a driver's license issued to you in the United States. Avoiding having to go through this process can be as simple as having a driver’s license that will be valid for as long as you are in the country.

To get the best rate on your automobile insurance policy, a certified copy of your driving record in your home country can be a huge help. This proves that you have experience driving and gives the automobile insurance companies an idea of what your driving record looks like. A good driving record is likely to get you lower rates.

If you already have an international driving permit, you will want to bring both that and your valid driver's license from your home country with you. International driving permits can only be issued in your country of citizenship. Take care to avoid scams from online companies, and check with your countries authorities regarding the proper policy for applying for this type of license.

Lastly, it can be a huge benefit to have English translations, certified, of any documents that you bring from your home country if they are not issued in either English or a bilingual format that includes English.

Purchasing A Car In The U.S.

Automobiles in the United States have titles, and when purchasing a vehicle, you will want to make sure that you obtain the title to that vehicle which provides proof of ownership. The Secretary of State, which is the government agency that takes care of car ownership and license plates, may need to be visited to get a license plate for your new vehicle and put the registration of the automobile in your name.

The Basics Of Getting A Driver’s License

Getting a driver’s license in the United States can be a process. It is recommended to bring a license with you from your home country that is as valid for as long as possible. A driver's test and practical test will be needed in order to obtain a US driver’s license once you get here. This can end up being a relatively long process, and because of this many people decide to get an international driving permit before arriving. International driving permits are issued from your home country, so check with the proper authorities there for the proper ways to go about getting an international driving permit.

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