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Can I add someone to my car insurance who doesn’t live with me?

Auto insurance companies require people to add all drivers that are living with you to your automobile insurance policy in many cases. People are often curious about whether or not they can add a person who does not live with them to their auto insurance plan. If possible, this could help them save a lot of money in the long run. Unfortunately, in most cases, car insurance providers do not allow policyholders to add people who do not live in the same house as them to their plan. It can, however, vary based on the case. There are some situations where people may look to do this, like if they have children who do not live with them.

Can I Add Someone To My Car Insurance That Doesn’t Live With Me?

You may be able to bundle a policy with your partner if you are an unmarried couple living together. If they do not live with you, it is likely that you will not be able to add them to your plan. If they borrow your car once in a while, they can be covered by your insurance plan in some cases while not being directly listed on the policy. This is not always the case when it comes to having children who do not live with you who occasionally borrow your vehicle.

Car Insurance For A Child Who Doesn’t Live With You

If you have a child who's out of your house as an adult, and they are living on their own, they will need to have their own automobile insurance plan. It is likely that they will not be able to be on your policy any longer since they do not live in your household. There are exceptions to the situation at times, including if you’re a divorced parent who has a child of driving age. It is possible that a child would be listed on one of their parent's car insurance policies. The primary custodial parent is generally responsible for listing the child on their car insurance.

For people who have joint custody, whichever parent has the child a majority of the time should list them on their policy. If you are the parent whose child is not on your insurance policy, it will work as if you have a friend borrowing your vehicle. If they drive your car, speak to the insurance company to see if you can have them added to your policy as well. If your child has their own vehicle, the situation can work a little bit differently. If you own the vehicle, and your child is with you, they should be listed on your automobile insurance plan. If you own the title of the vehicle, but your child is living with their other parent, you may need to add them to your car insurance plan if you do not want to sign the title over to them or the other parent. Make sure to discuss the details of this type of arrangement with your car insurance provider.

Car Insurance For College Students

Even if your child goes off to college, you are still likely going to have them listed on your automobile insurance policy. Their permanent address will still be your address, and you do need to have all the people “living” in your household listed on your plan.

Who Do I Need To Add To My Car Insurance Policy?

If you have any confusion as to who needs to be listed on your automobile insurance plan, you should contact your automobile insurance company and ask them. Any person who lives in your household with you should be listed on your auto insurance plan if they hold a valid driver's license. Even if you live with roommates who are not related to you and have their own car insurance coverage, you will likely need to have them listed on your car insurance policy. If they live with you and could potentially use your car, even if they won’t, car insurance is often still required. This is true for people who are couples and unmarried as well.

It is possible to exclude a driver who lives with you from your auto insurance policy, meaning that they are listed on your insurance because they live with you but are excluded from coverage at the same time. This can be risky, however, due to your car not being covered for any damages if the excluded driver would ever need to drive your vehicle, even in emergencies. This includes damages to your car that can arise from moving your vehicle from your driveway to the street or any other place.

Generally speaking, you cannot add someone to your car insurance plan who does not live with you, though there are a few unique situations where the guidelines for this are altered. This is more likely to be the case if you have teenage children who do not live with you. If you are unsure about your coverage, talk to your insurance provider to make sure you are covered appropriately. Also, make sure to get free quotes at General Insurance to get the best rates available on the top car insurance policies for you.


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